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Members and business partners have spent a lot of time in their lives and careers searching for ways to have more time-freedom and financial freedom; to do the things they've really wanted to do without having to give up everything in the process to do it.

Today, we are helping people fulfill their passions, to help them check off their bucket lists, and helping them to create memories with their loved ones. Today, our reality is turning out to be better than our dreams!

     Our mission is to help people do more and to have more without having to change what their currently  doing. We are striving to help people have more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives!

Thanks for stopping in and we hope you feel like family now! 

Get with the person who shared this info with you! They'll be sure to help answer any questions, if any.

Now, if this concept of traveling, saving and having more time freedom is right up your alley then, WELCOME!  We hope to see you soon with your very own "You Should Be Here Sign" 

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Firestarter Nation (FSN) is a global brand and is comprised of like-minded people from all aspiring walks of life ranging from varying age groups, ethnicities, genders, personal beliefs, cultural diversities, personal beliefs, professional and non-professional backgrounds, all who desire to have a work-life balance and who are excited about  having an amazing VIP Lifestyle today and living life full-time vs part-time. 

 For some, Firestarter Nation (FSN) is an Elite group of bold, inspiring like-minded trend-setting Leaders. For most, we are world travelers, stay-cationers and shoppers that love to save and earn rewards in the  process. We are also comprised of global entrepreneurs and freedom seekers of  fun & fulfillment!
     Our goal is to create unity and to live and work as  family! Together we will create a movement and continue to ignite and change lives around the world!

Firestarter Nation Global:

1240 Rosecrans Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

Karika Austin, Director of Global Expansion

Questions 562.260.3856

7th Pwr & FSN tEAM 


our Mission

Quest for Work-Life  Balance

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Simply put... we help people live amazing champagne lifestyles at beer budget prices!This beautiful exclusive four diamond resort is nestled in Nuevo Vallarta and  welcomes top executives, entrepreneurs and all member of our awesome  VIP Lifestyle Dream Vacation Club.

We are here to experience this incredible Luxury Residencies Resort at an unbelievable discount (wholesale pricing for our members only!). We're doing a "resort takeover" and have teammates and members as far from Australia, Japan and all over the USA. You should definitely be here!